Computer Services

 Across the Bucks, Berks, Herts and Oxon areas Palmer Consultancy Partnership offers IT support and consultancy to small accountancy firms. Our focus is on smaller firms that do not need a full-time IT support person or department but do need help with their use of technology from time to time.

We also provide computer services in other selected areas across the UK.

This support can be done on an ongoing retainer basis, one-off projects or ad hoc requests. Our aim is simply to help small firms get the best from technology in an ever-changing world.

Examples of how we have helped companies are:

Office relocation – “How do we minimise disruption to our IT when we move to a new office?”

Technology refresh – “Our computers are getting a bit old and slow. What sort of upgrade do we need?”

Staff training – “We have just moved to Windows 8 and need some help familiarising our staff with it”

Data back up strategy and process – “How do we make sure that all of our client and company data is backed up properly?”

New technology integration into the business – “Our Managing Director wants to get all his calendar appointments sent to his new iPhone – how do we set that up?”

If you are a small accountancy firm and have technology questions we can help.