Away from Tax

Away from Tax

Tim (as his delegates will know!) is a fanatical Tottenham Hotspur FC supporter and follower! He even goes to see the youth development squad matches! He has high hopes for Dane Scarlett and Alfie Devine, both extremely promising young players.

He is a big admirer of the financial work undertaken by the Spurs Haringey-20130825-00329Chairman Daniel Levy and the previous Technical Director Franco Baldini. (opposite)

Tim has high hopes for Spurs this season, under their new manager Antonio Conte.

A new Director of Football, Fabio Paratici, has also been appointed.

Let us hope for a return to the ‘good old days’ and that long awaited trophies start to arrive, together with an exciting attacking brand of football.

Tim also really has a high regard for the astute way that the chairman, Daniel Levy, has both run Tottenham’s business, and created an amazing new stadium.

Tim loves to participate in several sports, namely running, football, tennis, TP-boxing_2boxing and rock climbing.

Tim previously celebrated his 60th birthday! Leading up to the event, the ACCA, at one of his big lectures presented him with a birthday cake (see the pictures on the Photo Gallery page of this website).

When relaxing away from Tax and sport, Tim loves nothing more than a good Indian meal in the company of his wife Bhavna, and children Callum (aged 23) and Amy (aged 20).

I have been following the tennis career of Jack Draper, a very good young British player, for a few years now.

I think he will be the eventual successor to Andy Murray.